Performance of biobased facade panels

  • S. Verspeek
  • F. Van der Burgh
Keywords: Bio-based, Facades, building materials


The theme of this study is the testing of biobased facade panels. Agrodome and the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoEBBE) have started a study with about eight different biobased materials and will perform tests on physical and aesthetic aspects. The tests will be performed with the help of students of the University of Applied Sciences, Avans/HZ from the Netherlands. Under supervision of CoEBBE and Agrodome.

The study started with a survey of existing projects with biobased facades. The first results of this survey will be available in the spring of 2019. For the test we will use samples of the selected biobased facade panels. All of them are available on the Dutch market, but in different stages of development.

The materials in the study are made from the most suitable biobased materials for facade panels. An important material for facades is traditional wood, one of the interesting issues about wood is the biobased treatment of the wood. We will test products with different biobased preservation techniques. Another interesting material is cork, that is having a revival in the building industry. The last group is the group of bio composites, where some interesting developments are taking place.

The materials will be tested on their performance as facade panels. Important issues are resistance to the climate (heat, moisture) and the appearance in ethical perspective.

The results will be used to give information about the performance and durability to the stakeholders in the building sector and to give information to make improvements (if necessary) of the products for the producers. We also will use the results to get a better acceptance and understanding of biobased facade panels.

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Verspeek, S., & Van der Burgh, F. (2019). Performance of biobased facade panels. Academic Journal of Civil Engineering, 37(2), 678-683.