Rheological and mechanical behavior of earth materials / starch mixes

  • G. Alhaik
  • M. Ferreira
  • V. Dubois
  • E. Wirquin
  • S. Tilloy
  • E. Monflier
  • G. Aouad
Keywords: Earth materials, Starch, Rheological properties, Mechanical behavior


This research work highlights a new approach in the sector of building materials based on bio resources. An experimental investigation was conducted in order to study the rheological and mechanical behavior of earth/starch mixes. In this study, two types of earth materials have been studied: quarry fines and a model material which was kaolinite. For starches, two categories have been used: native and derivative. Starch with a chemical modification has also been studied. The earth/starch composite material specimens were manufactured with a constant ratio of 1%. The water content has been fixed by the flow table test. The rheological and mechanical tests have shown a significant effect of starch on the earth material properties. In the rheological part of the study, two starches have shown an increase of the thixotropic index for quarry fines. From a mechanical point of view, all starches increase mechanical strengths.

How to Cite
Alhaik, G., Ferreira, M., Dubois, V., Wirquin, E., Tilloy, S., Monflier, E., & Aouad, G. (2015). Rheological and mechanical behavior of earth materials / starch mixes. Academic Journal of Civil Engineering, 33(2), 368-375. https://doi.org/10.26168/icbbm2015.56