Measurement of the hygrothermal properties of straw-clay mixtures

  • N. Oudhof
  • M. Labat
  • C. Magniont
  • P. Nicot
Keywords: Straw-clay mixture, bio-based material, hygrothermal properties, measurement


Straw-clay mixtures are composed of unprocessed earth mixed with water and straw. The strongest advantage of such a material relies on its low environmental footprint. However, its impact on the building energy consumption an indoor comfort still has to be determined, mainly because of the lack of experimental data. This results in a poor integration in current regulation codes and in numerical studies. This work aims to assess the basic hygrothermal properties of clay-stray samples, provided by two French companies (Ecoterre and Inventerre). Results showed that the hygroscopic properties of clay-straw equals or overtops other self-insulating materials, both conventional (autoclaved aerated concrete) and biobased (hemp concrete).

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Oudhof, N., Labat, M., Magniont, C., & Nicot, P. (2015). Measurement of the hygrothermal properties of straw-clay mixtures. Academic Journal of Civil Engineering, 33(2), 474-479.