Indoor air emission tests of natural materials

  • M. Richter
  • W. Horn
  • O. Jann
  • E. Juritsch
  • A. Klinge
  • E. Roswag
  • P. Fontana
  • L. Miccoli
Keywords: Emission testing, natural materials, VOC, formaldehyde, radon


Emissions of building materials might have negative impact on human health and well-being. In the EU-funded research project H-House more than 30 natural materials (earthen dry boards and plasters, bio-based insulation materials made of wood, flax, reed, straw, etc.) used for renovation and refurbishment were tested regarding emissions of VOC, formaldehyde and radon. Different to ordinary emission tests on single materials this study focuses on the emissions from complete wall assemblies. Therefore, specially designed test chambers were used allowing the compounds to release only from the surface of the material facing indoors. The testing parameters were chosen in order to simulate model room conditions. The emission results were finally evaluated using the AgBB evaluation scheme, a procedure currently applied for the approval of flooring materials in Germany.

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Richter, M., Horn, W., Jann, O., Juritsch, E., Klinge, A., Roswag, E., Fontana, P., & Miccoli, L. (2015). Indoor air emission tests of natural materials. Academic Journal of Civil Engineering, 33(2), 641-643.