Sensitivity analysis in the modelling of debris flow with coupled CFD-DEM

  • Ali Osairan Universite Clermont Auvergne, CNRS, Clermont Auvergne INP, Institut Pascal
Keywords: Debris Flow, Vulnerability, impact force


Due to socio-economic development and climate change, geological disasters such as landslides and floods are expected to increase. In mountainous areas, these geohazards are often caused by heavy storms. Natural disasters such as debris flows (DF) and rockfalls usually occur within natural terrain areas. Since urbanization in many cities, hills have always been incorporated into residential areas. Therefore, debris flow poses a risk to infrastructure and human life increasing the need to predict debris flow impacts for vulnerability and risk assessment. Our general approach proposes debris flow modeling that can derive its impact on the structure where previous model is used to simulate the interaction of debris with structures. The objective of our current work is to perform a parametric study to analyze the effects of REV porosity, ground-particle fi fluid density on debris flow characteristics consequently affecting the impact force on the structure.


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Osairan, A. (2022). Sensitivity analysis in the modelling of debris flow with coupled CFD-DEM. Academic Journal of Civil Engineering, 40(1), 266-269.