Low clinker slag Portland cement of increased activity

  • L. Dvorkin
  • V. Zhitkovsky
  • Y. Stepasyuk
  • M. Sonebi
Keywords: Activators additives, cement clinker, energy saving technology, phosphogypsum, slag Portland cement


The article presents the results of study on effective ways to improve the strength of Low clinker slag Portland cement (LCSPC) with having a clinker content of 5-19% with complex sulfate-alkaline and sulfate-alkaline-fluoride activation of slags.  The increase of specific surface area of LCSPC led to a significant improvement of the strength and two stage grinding was very effective on increase of grain size of clinkers.  The addition of additives such as sodium silicofluoride Na2SiF, Fe2 (SO4)3, and MgSO4 were investigated and results show that Na2SiFwas effective to improve the strength.  The influence of complex sulfate-fluoride and sulfate-fluoride-alkaline activation is investigated.  The results obtained shown that a complex sulfate-fluoride-alkaline activation of LCSPC increased significantly the strength of LCSPC by increasing the pH from 10 to 12-13.

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Dvorkin, L., Zhitkovsky, V., Stepasyuk, Y., & Sonebi, M. (2019). Low clinker slag Portland cement of increased activity. Academic Journal of Civil Engineering, 37(2), 120-126. https://doi.org/10.26168/icbbm2019.17