Modelling of reinforced concrete RC frame using a simplified approach

  • Faroudja MEZIANI
  • Amar KAHIL
  • Aghiles NEKMOUCHE
  • Said BOUKAIS
Keywords: RC/frame, moment curvature, plastic rotation, pushover analysis, global models.


The intent of this paper is to use a simplified finite element model to simulate the reinforced concrete frame by using Timoshenko beam elements for columns and beams and the modified Takeda model for the sectional behavior. The model takes into account the non-linear behavior of a reinforced concrete by introducing laws behavior that reflects the real behavior. A failure criterion that is based on the ultimate rotations of the element is associated with finite element model to study the local failure that occur in the frame at any point of the model.
The FEMA 273 has given these ultimate rotations. In order to validate the model, the RC frame tested by Vecchio was simulated and therefore, the numerical results have been compared to those of the experiment. 

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MEZIANI, F., KAHIL, A., NEKMOUCHE, A., & BOUKAIS, S. (2020). Modelling of reinforced concrete RC frame using a simplified approach. Academic Journal of Civil Engineering, 35(1), 412-415.